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MatLust's transnational component

In MatLust’s transnational component we are looking for best practice and good examples in Europe, and the Baltic Sea region in particular. Here you can take part of all these best practices, just click on the images below!

Re-usable takeaway packaging

Via the European Union Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive companies will be required to offer reusable packaging for food and drink for their customers, that are part of a recirculation system. Learn how the German company Vytal tackled this issue.

Coop Crowdfunding

Coop Crowdfunding is a digital platform offering ways for small-scale producers to attract investments and target new customers.

Green public procurement – demanding diversity

By requesting and buying, for example, apples of different varieties according to season, the City of Copenhagen manages to support smaller local producers, contribute to diversification in agricultural production and include learning about biodiversity for the children who get to eat the fruit.

Grassfed milk

Milk from cows fed on grass and ley only – no corn, soy or grain. This way milk production is not using feed that could have been suitable for direct human consumption. How does it work?

Platform for speedier soil carbon sequestration

Soil carbon sequestration is a method that all parts of the food chain can contribute to.

On-farm slaughter

Slaughter directly at the farm, with the so called “gunshot method”, minimizes stress for the animal and enhances meat quality.


The formation of Bio-districts is about bringing together different actors within a region to jointly find solutions for developing ecologically, socially and economically sustainable food systems grounded on nature-based solutions.

Incubator farms

Incubator farms can contribute to diversification of production and to the generational renewal, thereby securing safe, sustainable and local products.

Tools for sustainable public meals

Tools to support sustainable public catering and procurement made available by stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region.

Finnish food security and business cooperation

How business and the public sector cooperate in Finland to secure the country's food supply in crisis situations.

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