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Diet for a Green Planet Webinar



Datum: 2 dec 2020

Tid: 14.00–16.30

Plats: Online

Aktiviteten går inte längre att anmäla sig till.

Do you work with food and are interested in how food can promote health and a good environment?

On 2 December we offer a webinar about the food concept Diet for a Green Planet. We welcome in particular people engaged with food, such as policy-makers, dieticians, heads of public and private catering, meal-planners, chefs, procurers, food controllers, etc.

In the webinar you will listen to presentations from representatives in Södertälje, Sweden, with 10 years' experience of implementing Diet for a Green Planet. They will cover

  • the criteria of the concept,
  • its benefits to health, climate and environment,
  • how it promotes sound agricultural practices,
  • how it has been implemented, and
  • practical examples of challenges and solutions in converting to Diet for a Green Planet.

There will also be opportunities to interact, ask questions to the presenters and discuss with other participants.

2 December 2020

14:00-16:30 CET Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden.
15:00-17:30 EET Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland.

Free of charge.

This webinar is a joint event by Diet for a Green Planet Flagship and MatLust’s transnational component:

  • MatLust’s transnational component, coordinated by Södertälje municipality, is a project aimed to document and share best practices in sustainable and resilient food systems in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Diet for a Green Planet Flagship is a project initiation funded by the Swedish Institute. Lead partner is Södertälje municipality and the main aim is to form a Baltic Sea Region partnership for healthy and sustainable food.

We are a growing network in the Baltic Sea region and this is an invitation to get to know us and join us for a better food future for all.

Diet for a Green Planet is a healthy diet in accordance with the Nordic Nutritional Recommendations (NNR 2012) that can be produced in an environmentally sustainable way. The concept can be applied all over the world and will result in different meals depending on location and season.

The concept is research-based and includes actions to reduce the climate impact of food and eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, promote biodiversity and soil health, and adapt what we eat to what can be sustainably produced on available arable land.

Södertälje municipality has since 2010 implemented Diet for a Green Planet in all schools, kindergartens and homes for the elderly. In a previous project the concept was spread to and tested in Molétai in Lithuania, Lomża in Poland and Mollet del Vallès in Spain.

Learn more about Diet for a Green Planet at www.dietforagreenplanet.se/en

For questions and more information see contact information to Maria Micha, project coordinator for Diet for a Green Planet Flagship & MatLust’s transnational component at Södertälje municipality, below.

Maria Micha

Projektledare, Mission Matmiljö, Lokal mat för lokala marknader m.fl. Forskningsrelaterade samarbeten, MatLust Utvecklingsnod
Tel: 08-523 064 40

Uppdaterad: 11 november 2020
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